Galko celebrates its 20th anniversary

A new shop, exclusively Croatian, has opened its door in the centre of Zagreb. Galko House of fashion, the leading manufacturer of leather accessories in Croatia, has opened a new shop in Bogovićeva 4. During his opening speech, the managing director Božidar Ledinko proudly announced that Galko celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and that this opening is only one of many events which will be organized to celebrate this big anniversary.

„This year, Galko celebrates 30 years of successful work, therefore, we have decided to celebrate this anniversary by opening several shops and in that way round up the story about Galko business. This is our first shop in the centre of the city and we are very happy about it. Our assortment is very wide and it consists of women's and men's business and fashion collection and collection of shoes, which we haven't had before. It is important to emphasize the fact that all our products are designed and manufactured in Croatia, which represents a rarity in today's market,“ said Božidar Ledinko, the managing director of Galko.

Vesna Trnokop Tanta, the vice president of the Croatian chamber of Commerce, addressed the guests and declared the shop officially open. Among other guests at the opening ceremony there were also two promoters of the opening ceremony - Marijana Batinić and Ankica Dobrić. 

Marijana and Ankica was wearing a bag from Galko's fashion collection. Other guests included Ivica Klarić, Branka Donassy, Kostadinka Velkovska, Zijad Gračić, Dunja Mutevelić, Borut Mihalić, Ivana Delač Đolo, Uršula Tolj, Miranda Viđak, Ćiro Blažević and Tina Katanić.

With the motto Fashion as eternal challenge, Galko grew from a small trade into the Croatian house of fashion Galko which today plays the role of the leading manufacturer of leather bags, shoes and accessories. Galko launches three collections a year: spring/summer, autumn/winter and business collection.

A team of experts constantly improve in knowledge and skills to maintain and even surpass the expectations of their buyers with the design and quality of their products. They constantly enrich collections by including the latest trends, and at the same time, they design and create new products which will emphasize the character of their buyers.

In the process of manufacture Galko uses the most refined natural high quality leather, processed with special methods which give their products a hint of simplicity and originality. Key factor for a magnificent finished product is a combination of hardworking people and the latest technology. That is why Galko's products show the refinement of manual work while the finishing touch of the final control guarantees the high quality of the product.

Numerous prestigious awards, such as Golden marten award, Award for the most successful medium company manager, Order of the Croatian Interlace and many others, prove the quality of Galko company. All credit for the success of the company should be given to the design and manufacture, as well as to the expert leadership and members of the sales department.

The House of fashion, which has been on the Croatian fashion scene for 20 years, is very proud of all accomplishments and of the whole team which contributes to each process. That is the reason why this whole year in Galko is dedicated to various surprises and small and big parties celebrating this big anniversary.

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