Spring / summer collection coming soon

Spring / summer 2014 collection offers light coloured bags, following the world trends in fashion, such as black and white graphisms, unavoidable combination of white and blue, neutral shades of beige and light grey, slightly intensified by a brighter colour. The collection represents a fine balance between neutral shades and remarkable colours. It also offers various patterns such as currently very modern mesh pattern – saffiano leather, floter with subtle grainy texture which gives a soft feeling and smooth nappa leather which perfectly emphasizes the texture of the materials.

The combination of grey and white shades shows an inspiration by geometric shapes, whereas special dynamics is achieved by the contrast of shiny, glossy and matte surfaces. White is unavoidable in the spring/summer collections and it perfectly emphasizes neutral beige and light grey shades and it also offers a dramatic look in the combinations with red and blue. Pale blue is still present in the trends, as well as ultramarine.

In addition to neutral shades of sandy brown there are also unusual combinations such as intense orange and red which make perfect combinations for summer.

You can find our spring/summer 2014 collection from the 1st of March 2014 in Galko shops in Zagreb, at Bogovićeva 4, Radnička cesta 55 and Arena Centre.

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