About us

Company Galko was founded in 1993 in Mali Bukovec, a small village not far away from Varaždin.

Galko d.o.o. grew from a small family trade into the leading manufacturer of bags and leather accessories which today has more than seventy employees. With constant dialogue with customers and continuous technological improvement we are constantly focused on the high value added products. Our employees in management, development, design, purchase, sales, marketing and production departments, besides their expert knowledge, have many years of experience which all together enabled us to grow and prosper even during the crisis.

Manufacture high quality products of superior design, ensure the best quality service and keep the trust of our customers and business partners.

Keep the position of the leading company within its field in the Croatian market and expand the business to the whole region.

Constant modernisation of the technological process
Development of a retail distribution channel
Construction, development and improvement of existing management model which would boost efficacy of each employee and facilitate attaining business goals with corporate social responsibility
Create proactive and productive working environment

Customer always comes first
To lead the way, not to follow
Our team is all about „us“ not „me“
Follow the trends in design and manufacture

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